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Monday, October 24th 2011

3:06 PM

The Important Elements Needed By Potted Anthuriums

Apart from oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, anthurium flowers like almost all other forms of plants demand thirteen elements to grow. Many of these elements are only necessary in minute amounts, however you'll find six elements that are required in larger quantities and thus are considered macro nutrients. They're: potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous; and sulfur, calcium and magnesium. On this page, I'm going to discuss the key elements: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Nitrogen happens to be an inert gas which makes up approximately 78% of the air we respire. It can be found in the laughing gas used by a honolulu dentist or even in NOS which is used to make race cars go faster. Can you believe that there is a lot more nitrogen inside the environment than oxygen? Anyway nitrogen is very essential to plants. It helps them to grow larger, without it your vegetation will probably be stunted. Yet plants don't utilize gaseous nitrogen they normally need it to be fixated or combined with other elements. More often than not microbes are usually responsible for fixing nitrogen.

Phosphorus in its pure form is extremely reactive and quite harmful. Luckily it's not found in this form normally. It is quite essential to cellular membranes. Without having it tissue in all animals and plants would likely expire. Vegetation draw plenty of phosphorus out from the soil therefore fertilizers contain significant amounts of it. It controls the growth rate of vegetation and when it isn't found, plants will stop growing. A small deficiency will trigger stunting of anthurium plants, whilst an intense insufficiency will result in necrosis of the leaves.

Potassium is fairly similar to sodium and in pure form it is going to liberate hydrogen gas if placed in water. It is found in bananas, which you might find growing in the backyard of one of the nice places to stay in that are listed in the vacation rentals hawaii site. The temperature generated from this reaction may then fire up the hydrogen. A lack of potassium will result in the leaves of the plant to become yellowish. When the deficit is severe enough the yellow-colored places will eventually turn necrotic and the leaf will certainly perish.

So that is all there is to it. These happen to be the crucial macro nutrients that most anthurium plants need. With out them your plant will stop thriving and generating blooms and could even perish. So ensure that your anthurium obtains these nutrients. And it probably is a good idea for you to receive these kinds of nutrients also, but of course we must secure these types of nutrients from food, not from a plastic bag of fertilizer.
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